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Dina, L.

I took a trip with Ecuador Fly Fishing to Campeche Mexico. The fishing was unbelievable. We were in the flats fishing for juvenile Tarpon, as we would head out early in the morning, we were able to watch the fish rolling in the waters, it was quite the sight to see and even better to fish! Our guide was great, he definitely knew where the fish were and was more than willing to help me cast to them. I had a lot of fun out on the water. Full days, great food and good company, what more could I ask for?

Glen, P.

I have been on many trips with Javier. Always an adventure. 
The trips are well planned. Javier and his trip hosts are very professional 
and go out of their way to make sure you have a good time.
Any issues that arise when traveling are handled quickly and efficiently.
His knowledge and experience will be appreciated by anglers of any skill level.
I plan on doing many more of these adventures with Javier (pending my wifes approval).

Douglas, R.

I had the pleasure of chasing peacock bass in the Colombian jungle with Javier and his lovely wife, and the trip exceeded all my expectations. We had a great group of guys. The guides and staff at the lodge were some of the nicest people I've ever met. It was truly an adventure and every detail was expertly handled by Javier and his contacts in Colombia. I definitely plan on going back as well as experiencing other locations he has uncovered. If I could give Ecuador Fly Fishing a 6 star rating, I would. Thanks again, Javier.

Michael, H.

Javier is a awesome teacher and a really good person! I have my annual Guatemala sailfish trip and wanted to hooked up on the fly this year. Javier provided everything from his hand tied flies, rigging, timing of the presentation down to the hook set. He consulted on everything our group would need for trip and was super patient with a literal fly fishing novice. He has put me in a position where I feel confident and excited to get on these fish! Thank Javier!

Dave, I.

xJust returned from the Colombian jungle where I caught Peacock Bass, Sardinata and Payara on the fly. What a great experience. You really get the feeling you're experiencing something that might not be there for long. Colombian people and the local Sikuani tribe members were so friendly. Javier was always available for advice I learned so much about fly fishing with heavy flies and for big fish. While the Peacock bass were the highlight and it was amazing to experience the frenzy -- when they get turned on they are super aggressive -- the Sardinata were really fun to catch and watch jump and run, And the Payara were a special kind of rush -- very aggressive but hard to hook in their ugly bony mouth structure. This is a hard core fishing trip without a lot of pampering -- but I could hardly sleep the first half of the trip experiencing everything that was so new and exciting! If you're an adventurer at heart and love sitting around the dinner table at night swapping fish stories, this is something you should experience. Note: it is very worth while to learn some Spanish for this trip. Not entirely necessary but makes the adventure that much more interesting.

Kyle, Z.

This is a once in a lifetime trip that I'm happy to have gone on. I plan to go back next year. The accommodations are 5-five star but who needs 5-star accommodations. It has everything one needs to comfortably exist in the jungle. The food was wonderful and authentic as it gets. Fishing was great!! Powerful willing fish in low-pressure waters. I thought this was such a great trip that I joined forces with Javier and Ecuador Flyfising to help him fill these trips. Kyle Zempel and Black Earth Angling Co. completely supports and recommends this trip to the adventure minded angler

Bram, D.

I recently went to Colombia with Ecuador Fly Fishing and I will never forget it. Everything was amazing. We saw freshwater dolphins, freshwater stingrays, and river otters. The peacock bass were the hardest fighting fish I have ever fought and and I also caught a wolf fish. The Sicuani people were so friendly and the guides always put us on fish. An unforgettable experience. I will be back!!! 

Jerry, H.

Hard to find any faults with this adventure. We fished seven days and caught fish on every trip. Double digit Peacocks and toothy Payara blowing up on the fly. Mix in some Pirana and Sardinata and that is just scratching the surface of what lurks in that immense river system. This trip is not for everyone but if you are looking for a fishing adventure this is it. The camp is off the grid but they do an amazing job with food, accommodations and cleanliness. Laundry was done daily, linens were changed daily the food was ample and tasty. No one in our group had any issues with intestinal distress which is a testament to the freshness of what we ate. Javier is as cool as they come and absolutely knows his way around both Bogota and the jungle. This trip was probably the best value of any I have gone on and I've been on quite a few. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking a remote and unique fishing adventure.

Eunan, H.

On a recent trip to Ecuador with family I got the itch to fish. Poor planning on my part resulted in my bringing no fishing gear. I considered it for a while, but decided with the remotness of the landscape and it being my first time there, that I decided not to go fishing. Fast forward to the second day in Ecuador - I was browsing Instagram and saw a post by Javier Guevara of Ecuador Fly Fishing. I'd been following this page for quite a while and decided to reach out to see what was the possiblity of getting a last minute day trip together! It was more of a speculative email than an expectant one, but I was pleasantly surprised by the quick response to the affirmative, that indeed, there was a guide in Quito who could take me fishing for a day. Bearing in mind that I'd no gear with me, this was no problem. So I got all the necessary details and shared my desires, booked the trip and waited 5 days with baited breath to fish for Andean Trout.

Ecuador Fly Fishing is one of the most professional outfits with which I've fished. All in all, for a very reasonable fee (plus tip to my guide), I was chauffered to and from my door to a pristine stream, fed breakfast and lunch and expertly guided on a remote mountain stream by professional outfit in Ecuador Fly Fishing. We literally caught fish in every hole we dropped flies and never saw another fisherman on the stream. Perfect fishing conditions in my opinion. I strongly recommend this guide service for their professionalism and expertise.

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